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Magnolia Landscapes LLC takes a comprehensive approach to lawn care, offering more than just routine maintenance. Our basic lawn upkeep services include soil analysis, fertilization, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and pest control, ensuring the health and vitality of your lawn throughout all of the seasons.

Residential and commercial lawn care services

We get a lot of repeat lawn care business from homeowners and business owners alike. At Magnolia Landscapes LLC, our residential and commercial lawn care services stand as a testament to our commitment to maintaining outdoor spaces of all kinds. Whether it’s a sprawling commercial property or a senior family member who needs continual lawn care services.

Recurring lawn care

We take pride in the recurring business we receive, as it reflects the satisfaction and trust of our clients who choose us for repeat lawn care. Our comprehensive approach, combining regular cutting, mowing, weed eating, hedge trimming, and specialized services, ensures that both residential and commercial landscapes receive the meticulous attention they deserve.

Cutting and mowing

At the heart of our lawn care services is our commitment to maintaining a lush and well-manicured lawn. Our recurring cutting and mowing services guarantee a pristine, even look that enhances the overall appeal of your outdoor space.

Weed eating

Unwanted weeds can detract from the beauty of your lawn. Our weed eating services target these nuisances, ensuring a weed-free, polished appearance that allows your grass to thrive.

Hedge trimmings and tree trimming

Our expert team ensures precision in hedge trimming, shaping your greenery to perfection, and maintaining a neat and organized appearance. Tree trimming while not done as often, will keep your property looking neat and manicured.

Our landscaping company is the right team for your lawn care

Professional lawn care is life-changing. You get more time back to do the things you enjoy and your property always looks its best.

experience the difference that professional lawn care can make for your Hartsville property

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